Ice Dance

Competitive Technical Requirements Guide - Ice Dance (French)

A document containing the summary of requirements by category and segment for all competitive ice dance categories.

Updated 2019/10/31
Data Input Operator Manual (French)

A manual containing the duties of a Data Input Operator as well as element, bonus, and deduction input process.

Updated 2019/09/19
Ice Dance Program Requirements Quick Reference Guide (French)

A document containing the summaries of pattern, rhythm and free dance elements for all competitive ice dance categories.

Key Points and Key Point Features for Sequences/Sections of Novice Pattern Dances (French)

A document containing the summary of key points and key point features for Novice Pattern Dance.

Pattern Dance Competition Technical Requirements (French)

A document containing a summary of requirements for Pattern Dance Competitions in Competitive, STAR (Solo and Couples) and Adult events.

Pattern Dance Procedures for Referees without Technical Panel (French)

A document containing the procedure to be followed for pattern dance events without key points and without a technical panel.

Updated 2019/07/18
Program Component Chart Singles, Pairs and Ice Dance (French)

A document containing the definitions of the five Program Components.

Scale of Values (SOV) Tables - Singles/Pairs/Ice Dance/Synchronized Skating (French)

A document containing base values and grades of execution for all elements in all Skate Canada programs and categories.

Special Olympic Competition Standards for Assessment Guide - Introductory Dance - Elements Assessment Criteria (French)

This document contains important information about the standards used for assessing Special Olympic competition categories.