Synchronized Skating

Data Input Operator Manual (French)

A manual containing the duties of a Data Input Operator as well as element, bonus, and deduction input process.

Updated 2019/09/19
Scale of Values (SOV) Tables - Singles/Pairs/Ice Dance/Synchronized Skating (French)

A document containing base values and grades of execution for all elements in all Skate Canada programs and categories.

Synchronized Skating Assess to Standard Program Requirements Guide (French)

A document containing the summary of requirements by category for all Synchronized Skating categories that are assess to standard.

Updated 2019/07/23
Synchronized Skating Learn to Train (Assess to Standard) Event Management Guide (French)

A document containing the summary of how to manage and execute Synchronized Skating learn to train events.

Updated 2019/07/23
Synchronized Skating Quick Reference Guides (French)

A document containing the summaries of elements for all Synchronized Skating categories.

Updated 2019/07/17
Synchronized Skating Technical Handbook (French)

Document containing identification of elements, levels of difficulty, and general notes for synchronized skating.

Synchronized Skating Technical Requirements Guide (French)

Document containing a summary of requirements by category for all judged synchronized skating categories.

Updated 2019/10/21